Tanzania safari cost is based on several factors which can obvious lower or rise the package price some of them are:- Traveling dates, number of people, accommodation types, places to be visited, safari duration & so on. However, for affordable Tanzania safari prices you can still contact on of our Tanzania safari expert for  a tailor made Tanzania Safari Package based on your ideas & preferences.

Tanzania Safari Cost & Its Implications

How much does a Tanzania safari Cost? This is one among major concern asked by many clients before booking their Tanzania safaris. Above factors then are coming in to answer such questions. As explained above, seasonality (Travelling dates) is one of the factors which determines Tanzania safari quotes.

High Season: (From June 01st to October 15th & from 16th Dec to February 28th) – Tanzania Safari Cost is always high during this season as this is our winter time with perfect weather where by low temperature ranging from 24 C to 25 C during day time in most places while during the night can go down to 19 C. June, July & mid August The Great Wildebeest Migration are expected to be at western corridor, Central Serengeti & start crossing Mara River in middle August. From middle September possibly they will have already reached Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya where they usually spend the month of October & return back to Tanzania from mid November.

Mid Season: (March & from 16th Oct to Nov 30th) Mid march our rain season starts & it goes up to May & from 16th October we also have short rains. At this time prices for accommodation can be somehow low as the number of visitors goes down. From mid December to March Wildebeest Migration are expected to be at Ndutu area Southern Serengeti for Calving & nursing. Please write us to get your Tanzania safari cost for this tour.

Low Season: (April A& May) this is the main rain season & at this time you can travel cheap as hotels, lodges & tented camps are lowering the prices to market their properties. 

Number of People: As the number of people goes higher the prices goes down because some costs can be shared like transportation costs activities & so on.

Accommodation Types: This is the main factor for low or high prices, accommodation falls into several categories as follows:-

Tanzania Camping Safaris:- This is a kind of accommodation where by nights spent at Campsites with Canvas Tents a hard cloth material, prices for camping safaris is low when compared to budget lodge safaris.

Budget Lodge Safaris:- This is a second category of accommodation with low prices than camping safari, this can be a normal or stylish African houses build with bricks or other hard materials.

Mid Range Lodge Safari: This is a third category of accommodation same as budget lodge safari with better amenities & its prices is a bit higher for Tanzania safari cost.

Luxury Lodge Safari: This divided into 2 categories, Semi luxury & Luxury lodge safaris the difference between this two are their amenities.

Places Visited: Tanzania safari cost can also rise the prices as attraction are many & entry fees differ considerably, eg. Serengeti National Park & Ngorongoro Crater have high entry fees when compared to other parks, this is due to its uniqueness.

Safari Duration: Number of days on safari also counts when talking about Tanzania safari cost, prices for a day trip is less when compared to 2, 10 or more days on safari.

Bellow please find some of our sample Tanzania safari cost & packages:-

3  Days Tanzania Luxury

4 days Mid-Range Tanzania Safaris

7 Days Mid-Range Serengeti Migration

These are some factors which can determine your Tanzania Safari cost. However, we are always there to discuss, advice on you how you can meet your expectations of your dreamed Tanzania safari & Zanzibar beach holidays. If your in a tight budget please feel free to contact us as we always have something for everyone.

Tanzania Safari Cost – Affordable Prices For Safari in Tanzania & Zanzibar